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$380* for a Single Family Home. ($50 additional per unit/apartment for Multi-unit Homes.)

                   Price shown is for Homes up to 4,000 Square Feet.  Additional Fee for Homes Larger Than 4,000SF

*FREE Radon Air Testing and Lab Report

* Denotes Two Radon Short Term Test Kits, Lab Analysis & Radon Measurement Report are included with the Inspection Services noted above at no additional or hidden cost (that is a cost savings of up to $150 elsewhere).


$75   for Re-visit Addendum Inspection and report.


$100   for a Insect Inspection and FHA/HUD approved NPMA-33 Wood Destroying  Insect Inspection Report.


$150   for a Septic Flow Test with Report


$ 70  for a Home Day Care Radon Test and Lab Report



A Plus Home Inspection Client Referral Program:

When becoming an A Plus Home Inspection Client, anytime you, an A Plus Home Inspection Client, recommend a "new" A Plus Home Inspection Client, who purchases one of my home inspections, you will receive a Bonus Referral Check which will be sent to the address we have on file.


If you wish the bonus check be sent to a different address, please make it known to the individual(s) who you will refer.


I believe that my best form of advertisement, is an A Plus Home Inspection Client who is satisfied with my service and will refer me to others.

And when your calling around for prices and certification credentials, ask those other home inspection companies if they offer this type of Bonus Referral Service.

Prices listed above are associated with an A Plus Home Inspection residence inspection order. If ordering separate A Plus Home Inspection services, without the standard home inspection residence inspection service listed above, inspection prices listed above are subject to change.

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