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First and foremost, although RI created General Laws for the Licensing of Home Inspectors, RI never funded a Home Inspection division and therefore anyone can "hang up a shingle" and call themselves a Rhode Island Home Inspector.


Yes, that's a scary venture when you are planning to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and you get an individual you have no information on and they walk through the home in 45 - 60 min and charge you $500 or more and they never operated the heating system, operated the plumbing or even looked at the roof shingles. And there's a lot of systems and components to check and away they went off into the sunset and you don't know much of what took place. Good Grief !

Sit back, grab a coffee or soda, this will be somewhat short and painless (I hope).

My name is Gary Juckett, born, raised in Rhode Island, now residing in Seekonk MA (2015) and I am the Rhode Island Home Inspector for A Plus Home Inspections, llc.


I have worked as a Designer in the field of engineering (Civil, Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Utilities) for over 30 years (since 1977). I have recently retired from my career service and I now dedicate my full time employment to A Plus Home Inspections, llc

I have performed work for the "Global Arena" of Power Utilities for the Nuclear, Fossil Fuel, Marine, Petrol Chemical, Hydro Electric, Fuel Depots, etc., utilizing Code Class 1, Code Class 2, Code Class 3 and NFPA of the B31.1 Boiler Pressure Vessel Code.


I have also performed design work for the Industrial industries in RI, MA, TN, SC, TX, KY, & CA.


Design work that I have performed for the Commercial and Residential industries has only been for the RI neighborhood. I have personally performed (hands on, as one would say) construction work for the Industrial and Residential industries. Yes, I have utilized the national Bocca, SBCCA, and now the ICC International Building Codes including the State and local codes for the States listed above, but bare in mind, Home Inspection is not a code enforcement application.

I have had two years of Machine design and detailing and one year of Architectural design and detailing.


I have also taken an entrepreneurial college course on learning to operate & run your own business.  Yes, I own A Plus Home Inspections, llc (APHI)


Since most, if not all of this would not be apparent to most individuals seeking a Home Inspector, I chose to get a home inspection certification from a specific company which its background is in the Architectural field and offers a professional Home Inspection Course. ASHI started the home inspection business in United States back in 1972.


I am certified for Home Inspection by ASHI (the American Society of Home Inspection).


For the Insect Certification, I have certication in the Wood Destroying Insect course given by NACHI, the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.


Similarly, I am certified for Radon Mitigation Services by NRPP, the National Radon Proficiency Program, now administered by AARST-NRPP.


I am also certified by the New England On-Site Waste Water Treatment (NEOWTP) course, administered and maintained by the University of Rhode Island, for Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut on-site septic systems maintenance professionals.

As you can see, having a thorough design background, I researched the companies offering the home inspection courses and found only one that is originally an Architectural Engineering firm (Carson Dunlap of Canada) which back in the early 70's realized the service they were also supplying to other construction companies, in Canada and the US, lead them to develop their Home Inspection Division.


Carson Dunlap being an Architectural Engineering Firm with the knowledge and experience with standards of engineering, Carson Dunlap developed Home Inspection Practice Standards and Ethics for their Home Inspection Platform as the engineering industry perform routinely on all projects. They named their new industry, the American Society of Home Inspection (A.S.H.I.). And the Home Inspection industry, in the USA, was created.

I found that my past service with engineering morals and principles were in alignment with ASHI and I then chose, over the other companies offering home inspection courses, to acquire the ASHI course and certification regardless that I already had the knowledge and experience to support becoming a Home Inspector.

Now that I have retired, I have chosen a less stressful work environment that would augment my past work experience. What your probably not aware of is the extreme pressure and stress that prevails in the engineering arena of Site Planning, Development, Utilities, Road / Rail Design, Building Design, Equipment and Office Layout, Specifications and Project Management, just to mention a bit of the process.


I believe my past work experience and knowledge will be a beneficial part of my home inspection process.

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